Meet the Business Owner

I'm Mike. I've called Douglasville my home for the last ten years. I love it here and wouldn't trade it for the world. I feel it's so important to support local businesses and I love to see how our community has grown over the last decade. I hope to be a part of that growth and provide jobs to some of our residents and with your help I can do that.

Established in 2017. Hiring a cleaner is tough. You struggle to find up-front pricing, you can't always reach someone on the phone. Cleaners, who are the face of the company, are sometimes rude or unprofessional. Sometimes they're late. Sometimes, they don't even call. Sometimes their work is sub-par. That's why we decided to start our business. We've been through that, and more. So we've addressed each of those concerns within our business model.

  1. Every one of our cleaners are reference-checked and highly rated by our other clients.
  2. After every clean, we ask our clients, "How did we do?" and if it's not 100% we ask, "How do we make it better?"
  3. Our prices are transparent, get on our website and tell us about your home and you'll see exactly how much we charge.
  4. If we can't make it to your home when we say we will, we pay you an inconvenience fee. And that's how we plan to have a better maid business.

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